From Classic Rock to Soul: Boston and Aretha Franklin Make Their Only NYC Appearance in Westchester

Just 3 days remain until the iconic rock band Boston takes the stage at the Westchester County Center for what is their only NYC appearance this season! Tickets are still on sale for this Sunday, July 22nd concert.

Boston Live at The Westchester County Center on July 22nd

Tom Scholz said his band wants to play some shows before December, just in case the Mayans were right about the whole end of the world thing. If you still haven’t picked up your tickets to this concert, maybe consider Scholz’s theory, and see Boston live in Westchester before it’s too late!!!

It might not be the original lineup, however Boston is always sure to please. It will be a night filled with all the classic hits you know and love. The lineup for White Plains is Tom Scholz (lead/rhythm guitar, bass), Gary Pihl (rhythm/lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Tommy DeCarlo (lead vocals, keyboards, percussion), David Victor (guitar, vocals), Tracy Ferrie (bass guitar), Curly Smith (drums, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals).

The Boston concert marks the second performance in the newly dubbed “Pepe Infiniti Concert Series”, a follow up to The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour concert that took place on May 15th.

If Classic Rock doesn’t strike a chord with you…tickets to see “The Queen of Soul”, Aretha Franklin just went on sale this past Saturday! On November 13th, Aretha Franklin will perform her only NY show this fall at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, accompanied by members of the Westchester Philharmonic!

Aretha Franklin Live at the Westchester County Center Nov. 13th

What are you waiting for? Head to the tickets page and see the best of the best, live in Westchester!

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